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Flexibility to take up to $25,000 for marketing, staging and small renovation to achieve best results.

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    Guide to Sell your Property

    Can I Sell my property during COVID-19?

    Certainly, you can sell your home or investment property. As we are technology driven agency, we have all the necessary arrangements to get you the best results. Regardless the COVID-19 restrictions, we have kept all the measures and plans to use power of online platform. You will be able to connect with us on a virtual appraisal of your home, electronically documents signing, virtual tours and live viewings using secure video secure conferencing apps like FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Meet and Zoom. Nonetheless we sell your property by private treaty or virtual auction on a dedicated platform.

    Our COVID-19 safety plans and on-on-one appointments compliance to all government social distancing and hygiene measures.

    What are the standard costs involved when selling a property?

    First of all cost varies from agency to agency. The following is the list of indicative items that are needed to list and market your property.

      • Professional photography, video and floor plans (generally between $1K-$2K)
      •  Marketing Collateral such as brochures, DL cards, flyers, window cards, etc. (mostly, between $500 – $900)
      • Property styling and staging if required – (depends on number of rooms, generally between $3K – $5K)
      • Agent commission payable upon sell (fixed price or percentage of sell price or performance based)
      • Legal/Solicitor fees and/or Conveyancing costs (often between $1K- $3K)
      • Moving and Transportation (depends on whether its interstate/within or outside your suburb)
      • Pest and Building inspection reports (mostly around $300 – $600)

    Further more any job needed to either enhance/renovate the property or fix OHNS issues with the property before you sell. (sky is the limit, as much or as little as you need)

    How long does an agency agreement last?

    An agency agreement generally lasts for 90 – 120 days, this can be discussed between you and your agent – Give yourself the best chance to get great results. For more details, ask us.

    What is agency sales Agreement?

    An agency sales agreement is a legally binding contract that includes all the required details for the real estate agent or an agency to list, market and sell your property. It includes:

    • Seller Name, Address, Contact details and Property Details
    • Real Estate Agent/Agency Name, Address, Contact Details
    • Real Estate Agent’s Registration number and Company details
    • Agent’s estimate of the likely sell price of the property
    • The sell price being sought by vendor
    • Method of property sell (Auction or Private treaty)
    • Duration of the agreement in force
    • Procedure to terminate the agreement
    • Mention of commission to be paid to the agent upon sell of property
    • List of inclusions and exclusions
    • Signature of both agent and the vendor

    Property appraisal vs property valuation?

    Property Valuation provided by a professional valuer with a dollar value that may not reflect an individual’s interest in the property and it’s totally based on market analysis. Sometimes, this could mean a lower dollar value making you feel under value of your asset. As a general rule of thumb, these are conservative figures that bank or lending institutions go by.

    Property Appraisal is a report presented by a real estate agent and it may differ between real estate agents. The dollar values an agent provides will dictate how much they think your property would fetch if you list with them. This may or may be achieved when it comes to actually selling of property.

    Both of the above takes various macro and micro factors in the consideration such as economic situation, demography, migration, infrastructure and developments, interest rates and list goes on.

    A word of caution – DO NOT judge based on one report or other, always do your research and take into consideration that all the figures are indicative only, which may or may not turn out to be true. Thank You Real Estate collect data from various sources to come up with best and likelihood of great results.

    Do I need to be present at open for inspections?

    Not at All, in fact it is best that you go away while inspection is scheduled. An authorised real estate agent from Thank You Real Estate will be attending all open house, and he/she will ensure that they have access codes, keys and remotes for your property. Sometimes buyers ask questions which you as a seller of the property may not like to hear. Leave it in capable hands and wait until you hear updates post inspection.

    Auction Vs Private Treaty?

    Auction – Crystal clear and fair process to get you the price that market is willing to pay. It provides equal and open opportunity to every buyer to compete at a specific time and date in order to secure the property. Auction is followed by 4 weeks of marketing campaign, held on -site or in-rooms and accredited Auctioneer is only authorised to conduct the auction in NSW.

    Private Treaty– This is more relaxed way of selling the property where buyers view the property at one of the open homes or private inspections and submit an offer in writing. Negotiation follows through with all interested parties, and once successful buyer secures the property. Campaign can be 4-6 weeks, more or less depending on various factors.

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