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    Owner Access Portal

    See property details and current balance at a glance

    Empowering Landlords with Real-Time Property Insights and Financial Overview

    Experience the power of real-time property management with our cutting-edge platform. Our landlords gain instant access to a comprehensive snapshot of their investment properties and rental details. From move-in and move-out dates to lease agreement information, our platform provides a complete overview of your property portfolio.

    Stay informed about the current financial status of each property, including incoming and outgoing funds, outstanding bills, and comprehensive inspection reports. With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly track the financial performance of your investments, ensuring transparency and maximizing returns.

    Harness the potential of advanced technology and streamline your property management in one centralized hub. Join our community of satisfied landlords who enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind that comes with our real-time property insights platform.

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    property management - review all inspection report online

    Track financial activity

    Gain Control Over Your Finances with Our Personalized Owner Access Homepage: Track and Analyze Detailed Financial Activity

    Experience the power of our intuitive Owner Access homepage, where you can effortlessly monitor and manage all your financial transactions. With just a click on “more details,” dive into comprehensive information that empowers you with valuable insights.

    Our user-friendly Portal offers you the flexibility to review financial activity for individual properties or all properties at once. Delve into an itemized breakdown of expenses and effortlessly customize the date range to focus on specific periods of interest.

    Take charge of your financial success and leverage our powerful tools to make informed decisions for optimal outcomes.

    property management - keep track of all the financial activities

    See outstanding jobs

    Effortlessly Monitor Job Status and Suppliers: Gain Insight into Reported Issues, Assignments, and Associated Documents. Experience a Seamless, Transparent, and Environmentally-Friendly Workflow with Our Automated Paperless System.

    property management - complete transparency of all the maintenance jobs and its outcomes

    Drill into inspection reports

    Discover Unparalleled Peace of Mind with Meticulous Inspection Reports for Your Properties. Effortlessly Access and Review Detailed Inspection Reports, Complete with Images, Comments, and Follow-up Actions.

    property management Routine inspection in person and remotely

    Download Statements and Documents Anytime

    Access Comprehensive Historical Statements and Scanned Documents Instantly: Effortlessly View, Download, and Print with Ease

    Feel free to browse and retrieve all your historical statements, attached bills, and general scanned documents with just a click. Our user-friendly platform allows for a detailed examination of any document, offering convenient printing and download options to suit your needs. Experience seamless access to a wealth of information at your fingertips.

    property management - Document Management
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